Thursday, November 21, 2019

Homelessness Issue in the U.S Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Homelessness Issue in the U.S - Assignment Example What motivates me to support this cause of improving the lives of the individuals that are homeless is giving a smile to the people that were once hopeless in life. It is evident that homelessness has negative impacts on the society. One is that it may lead to increase in insecurity in an area. This is because the people who are homeless may indulge themselves in crime as they view themselves as unwanted in a society. The homeless also may involve themselves in the abuse of drugs and sell them to other locals. Statistics have shown that where people abuse drugs there is less production of the individuals which is not good for the economy. This means there will be fewer developments as few businesses will come up each year. What also motivates me to be involved in helping the homeless is because the shelter is a basic need to a human being. It is evident that the homeless people often are affected psychologically as they have no place they can call home. It limits their potential to standout and the courage to have families which form the bases to a society. Also, homeless people portray a bad image in a city when the tourists visit. This may make them feel insecure when they visit a city with too many homeless people. I also feel sorry for many homeless innocent individuals who are at times killed as they may be suspected to be thugs. This is inhuman as it has created fear among the homeless people. One of the goals I would want to achieve is to reduce the number of homeless people in America to at least 10 percent of the current statistics. Statistics have shown that about 600,000 Americans are homeless on a given night. A quarter of this people are children and a third of them live in unsheltered places like parks and abandoned buildings. The chronically homeless people are over 100,000 and three-quarters of them go unsheltered.

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