Sunday, November 3, 2019

Examine the reason why chinese restaurant has been becoming popular in Essay

Examine the reason why chinese restaurant has been becoming popular in UK - Essay Example Two thirds of this is chilled, having grown by 26% in value terms since 2002; however, frozen sales are bucking the general trend for long-term decline that has been witnessed across the other ethnic cuisine markets. The main purpose of the study is to find out the reasons attached with the popularity of Chinese restaurants in U.K. The main aim of this paper is to summarise what has been written so far about the advantages of the Chinese food and to examine the reasons of the popularity of Chinese food in UK. Although there is not a very large amount of data available on the topic which was the main reason of undertaking the research study on the topic but still below I will present a review of the literature written so far. The increasing problem of obesity has been an important issue in the last decades in UK, which has lead to a remarkable transition in the structure of the diet of British people (Popkin et al., 1993). The composition of the Chinese diet is lower in fat and meat, and higher in carbohydrates and fiber (Du et al., 2004). Additionally, decreased levels of physical activity and leisure are linked to increases in the prevalence of an overweight condition, obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases (Du et al., 2002). In 1980s a new breed of Chinese restaurant arrived (at least it took that long to reach the provinces) which provided lighter, tastier Chinese cooking demonstrating regional differences. There was one drawback, however, which was that this new type of restaurant was much more expensive than the original cheap ‘n tasteless ones (Canham, 2005) The success of Chinese dishes depends very much on the authenticity of the recipes, cooking equipment, and ingredients. Because of the sheer popularity of Chinese cuisine in the West, there are plenty of Chinese takeaways and restaurants here. But to suit the perceived Western palate, restaurants often alter

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